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The Pleasures of Being Out of Step premiered to a full house at the Full Frame Documentary Festival in Durham, N.C. last night. As a first-time director, it was a new experience to sit in a darkened room with paying customers to watch the film. We sold over 300 tickets and I’m happy to report the film was warmly received. The audience laughed at all the right spots and even laughed at some of the more subtle moments of humor. I saw one woman wrap her arm around her companion and give him a squeeze during a music sequence, and there was appropriate quiet during some of the heavier twists in the story. The festival has a reputation for attracting an audience of serious filmgoers, and it showed in the 20-minute Q&A session that followed, where they asked friendly but probing questions about some of the decisions I made in making the film, and about  some of the historical material we uncovered.  Here are some pictures:






I was happy and honored to have editor Sam Pollard attend the screening. Pleasures was one on of three films in the festival that had Sam’s name on it — surely a record! It was one of the great experiences of the project to work with such an accomplished editor and all-round great human being.



All photos by Juliet A. Lewis

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