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This is for those of you who found your way here. It’s a private moment that means a lot to me, and I figure if you find your way here it might mean a lot to you too. I got this message from Nat on my cell phone today, Sept. 17, 2013, after I announced our distribution deal yesterday with First Run Features:

“It’s Nat! Nat Hentoff calling, on Tuesday. I’m just, just — I’m so pleased, and it is very big news that you sent me, about the deal with First Run Features. Wow, whoa, whoa. When you have a chance, I’d like to know more about First Run Features, and how you managed to do that. And from the very beginning, you’ve worked so hard and so well on this documentary. It’s been such a privilege that you thought of focusing on me for the documentary. And at the end of your message, it said, stay tuned for even more good news soon! Pleeease let me know what that good news is as well.

I’ll tell you that [in] my 88th year, you’ve made the future so much more promising, because even when I’m not here, people will know I’m here for a long time to come. And um, I’d like a copy, when you have a chance, of the, of the, of the DVD as the consumer sees it. And then of course there’s the book in the fall. And, and let’s see, is there anything else here? Well, not at the moment. I’m just — it really is a privilege, Mr. Lewis, to be connected with you and to see how you work. So give me a chanc – give me a call when you have a chance….”

A never-before-seen picture, for your pleasure:

nat message

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