We win!

So honored to win the Metropollis competition at DOC NYC, for films made in New York. The award includes a guaranteed weeklong run at the IFC Center in Greenwich Village. Stay tuned for details!

It was a thrill to be included with nine other great films. Here is what the jurors said: “Nat Hentoff epitomizes the spirit of New York: an outsider, an underdog, an intellectual and iconoclast. The Pleasures Of Being Out of Step draws a fascinating portrait of a gifted jazz critic, linking the dissonances and syncopation of an American art form with the right to free speech. The film captures, through a series of interviews and great archival footage, the essence of Hentoff and shows how his self-examined life contributed to the cultural and political debates of the mid late 20th century.”

Here’s a picture of director David L. Lewis accepting the award. That’s the great Thom Powers and Raphaela Neihausen in the background.

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